International Consultant

I help struggling missions and charities expand internationally into locked down countries by sharing how I bridged the gap to access and move into countries cross continents and stay one country after the other again and again for various greater causes long term. I do this by sharing several immigration secrets you can use and by teaching you how to remake and magnetizing your brand so that it attracts people. I share from my travels in the Middle East, South America and more.


Tired of being burned out and confused?

Brother Brandon shares with those confused how he did all over the world: the Middle East, Spanish Chile, Dutch Suriname, Spanish Mexico, English Guyana, Portuguese Brazil, Spanish Argentina, French Guiana...


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I only wished if I could have had someone early on to teach me these nuggets, so that I did not have to personally go through all the hard knocks and waste so much precious time --I would have happily paid every ounce, versus losing so much time and energy to get this experience. I want to save you all these years and heavy costs.

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